Who's the most popular member of One Direction?  Here's a clue, it's not Harry Styles.  How do we know?  Just check the sales of the group's dolls.

The British paper The Sun reports that according to sales on the British version of Amazon, it's the doll version of Niall Horan that's flying off shelves.  Tiny Niall has experienced a seven percent sales boost this year, while sales of the Harry doll have declined by 15 percent since 2011, relegating him to third most-popular among the five One Direction guys.  Louis Tomlinson is in second place, while Zayn Malik is in fourth.  Bringing up the rear is poor Liam Payne.

A spokesperson from Amazon.co.uk told the paper, "It's no longer the foppish curls of Harry, but the Irish charm of Niall that seems to be a hit with One Direction fans."

Here are the British sales figures for the One Direction dolls, according to Amazon.co.uk, ranking 1D dolls by each member's percentage of total 1D dolls sold:


1. Niall Horan, 25.2 percent

2. Louis Tomlinson, 21.3 percent

3. Harry Styles, 20.4 percent

4. Zayn Malik, 19.3 percent

5. Liam Payne, 13.7 percent


1. Harry Styles, 35.5 percent

2. Niall Horan, 17.9 percent

3. Zayn Malik, 16.2 percent

4. Louis Tomlinson, 15.7 percent

5. Liam Payne, 14.7 percent