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Wanda Northam, M.D.

Texarkana’s Premier LASIK Center

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Are your glasses fogging over in cold temperatures or sliding down your nose in the heat?  Do you have difficulty with contact lenses due to allergy season or dry eye? Are you frustrated trying to do all your favorite hobbies like hunting, swimming, and playing your favorite sports game in glasses? Or maybe…. it’s just that daily routine of not being able to see the alarm clock or not being able to meet your child’s needs in the middle of the night. We have an answer. . . . LASIK EYE SURGERY!

WHAT IS LASIK? LASIK is a simple 7-10 minute procedure used to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism and uses an excimer laser to gently reshape the cornea resulting in permanent vision without the need for glasses and contact lenses afterwards. It has been performed with increasing precision and safety on millions of patients for decades.

WHY DR. NORTHAM? Choosing a LASIK surgeon is an important decision and everyone is sensitive about their eyes. You want someone you know will take care of you. At Collom & Carney that is exactly what we do. With Dr. Northam’s unique combination of 19+ years of skill and experience we want to make you truly comfortable with your LASIK experience. From the moment patients walk through the door they encounter a friendly staff with the most up to date diagnostic equipment. Dr. Northam also prides herself on each patient receiving the individual time they need to help them make an informed decision regarding refractive surgery.

THE FIRST STEP – The first and best place to start is to schedule a Free LASIK Screening with our specialized refractive coordinator. This initial consultation will take 30 minutes to 1 hr and is a great opportunity for you to learn more about the LASIK procedure. She will take several measurements of your eyes and discuss the LASIK process and how it will uniquely affect your outcome. She will also go over the costs of the procedure with you and answer any other questions or concerns you may have. Financing options with 0 down & 0 interest for 24 months and cash discounts are available. Flexible spending accounts are also accepted. You will be able to schedule your LASIK procedure at this appointment if you are ready.

5402 Summerhill Rd.
Texarkana, TX 75503

Phone: (903) 614-3937                                                                        Toll Free: (800) 352-2372

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What is LASIK?

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Dr. Wanda Northam

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LASIK Screening

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Cost of LASIK

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LASIK Pre-Op Exam

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Surgery Day

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Day 2 Post-Op

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