If you're a Bruno Mars fan, you may know that he's been on stage since he was three, and that when he was seven, he appeared in the movie Honeymoon in Vegas as a tinyElvis Presley impersonator.  But now a vintage video dug up by The Insider reveals just how talented -- and adorable -- Bruno was back then.

The video, which The Insider says was shot more than 20 years ago, features comedian and actor Pauly Shore interviewing a four-year-old Bruno.  Pauly introduces him as the "the World's Youngest Elvis Impersonator,"

and sure enough, the kid is already rocking the pompadour that would become his trademark.  "Hey Pauly, I always saw you do the Weasel," pipes up little Bruno, referring to Pauly's surfer-dude alter-ego, the Weasel.  "Now I'm gonna teach you the Elvis.  Is that cool, man?"

The charismatic Bruno shows off his Elvis sneer to Pauly, as well as his astonishingly-accurate Elvis dance moves.  He even busts out some Michael Jackson moves at the end, including a moonwalk.  Though nobody could have predicted that Bruno would grow up to become a multi-platinum-selling, Grammy-winning singer, it's easy to tell that the kid was most definitely a star.