I have been blessed by the knowledge of seatbelt safety that my parent's imparted to me long before I was able to drive. being involved in two accident in my driving history, both accidents had two things in common. 1. both were low speed accidents--(Thank Goodness) 2. in both I was wearing my seatbelt. Thankfully my parents taught me early on, before I got behind the wheel, that seatbelt's can and do save lives. I have since passed that down to my kid's in hopes that they will pass it down to their kids. Now parent's, especially those who have teen's about to become young drivers, now have a site they can go to as a useful tool, in teaching their teen driver, the importance of Seatbelt Safety.

Stuff like. Did you know that "Lack of safety belt usage among teens is a serious problem in Texas? Or that " in Texas in 2011 there were 1,074 motor vehicle crashes  in which unrestrained teen occupants, 15-20 years of age, sustained fatal or serious injuries? The stats are pretty scary--which is why we wanted to take this time to tell parent's and their teen drivers that Seat Belts Rock!

The Texas Department of Tranportation wants to step up everyone's awareness of seatbelt safety, especially teen drivers, and have gone all out to present safety tips, stats, videos & testimonials to aid in seatbelt safety awareness. check out the website Seatbelts Rock.com Parents remember, It all starts with you.