A woman injured in a car accident had her award of $237,000 lowered to $142,000 after tweeting!

Omiesha Daniels was asking for $1.1 million after breaking her arm and cutting her forehead in a car accident.

The jury awarded her $237,000 originally because she claimed her injuries kept her from being able to perform her duties as a hairstylist.

Then the defense attorney found her tweets and presented them to the jury.

On her twitter, she wrote about having an "epic weekend" and partying it up in New Orleans.

She even had pictures of her and her friends having fun on the beach, and pictures of her carrying a purse with her broken arm.

The defense attorney said:

"Twitter sunk her. Those kinds of comments and that level of activity hurt the pain and suffering claim, even when she was saying she couldn't work like she used to."

She is still getting some of the money because she really was injured and has trouble doing her job.

Being an African American and having mostly black clients, she still had trouble braiding and weaving, which were two major components of her job.

The all white jury might not have understood how much strength that really takes.

Either way, at least she still gets some money.

And now we all are reminded that sometimes we share a little too much on the internet.