The Wanted announced on Twitter and Facebook on Monday that their new album, called Word of Mouth, will arrive September 16. "We can't wait for you to hear it," the group wrote. "We know you've been really patient but hopefully you'll think it's worth the wait!!" 

Group member Nathan Sykes added, "We worked really hard on this album to deliver a fresh but familiar sound!" while his group mate Tom Parker noted, "Been a long time coming!!"  And The Wanted's Jay McGuinness say's that the disc will reflect the group's party-hearty philosophy, but will also go a bit deeper.

"We are a boy band, and as much as we fight against stereotypes, we do really want people just to have a good time and listen to your songs," Jay explains.  "So part of the album is just having fun, and not worrying too much about your own problems, and just being silly for a bit."

However, he adds, "The album will also reflect some personal pains that, y'know, we don't need to go into, right now."

In addition, a brand-new single, "We Own the Night," is due August 11, and the group is shooting the video for it this week.  Let's hope that they like it better than their previous single, "Walks Like Rihanna," which Jay candidly admits the group really didn't like.

"When we first heard it we wet ourselves," he laughs, "Because it was like, 'This is far too cheesy. No, that can't happen.'"  He says they warmed up to it a bit when they put their own vocals on it, but he says they still didn't really like it, until super-producer Dr. Luke came along and put his magic touch on it.

Jay laughs, "When Dr. Luke got involved, we just felt like he really turned it around and made it, y'know, still really pop and really fun, but less, like, mind-numbingly painful!"

The group plans to announce a world tour very shortly.