They have great banter on The Voice, and they’re pals away from the set, but Blake Shelton wishes Adam Levine would loosen up a little.

In an interview with Men’s Journal magazine, Blake remarks, "I get frustrated with Adam because, to me, rock stars are supposed to be drunk all the time.  But he's very healthy.  He takes care of himself.  And it drives me crazy, because I want him to be more like me.  Drunk all the time."

But it’s not as if Adam and Blake don’t know how to have fun together.  Recalling a time when he visited Blake’s Oklahoma ranch, Adam says, "I was on my way to this fancy chi-chi island vacation.  And afterwards, I realized I had so much more fun playing beer pong and driving quads with Blake than I did at this five-star resort."

Adam and Blake return for the fifth season of The Voice this fall.