Super Bowl weekend is finally here! Whether you are having friends over for the big game or you are keeping it simple with family, the food and beverages are still important. It doesn't matter if your team made it to the bowl either, just bring on the beer!

Venture out of the box a bit and try something different. Here are some suggestions for new beer choices and what foods they go best with.

Don't just go with the usual. Try something new. I am a big fan of Corona with a lemon slice. Blue Moon is another favorite. If you are a citrus fan try one of the Bud beers with orange peel or the raspberry.

According to, here's a rundown of some of the best beers for Super Bowl parties -- and the best foods to pair them with:

Negra Modelo, Mexico -- Best with guacamole

Sam Adams Light, United States -- Pair it with bratwurst

Dale's Pale Ale, United States -- Perfect with garlic-roasted potato skins

Guinness Extra Stout, Ireland -- A great match for chili con carne

Hitachino Nest White Ale, Japan -- Put it next to your chicken wings