Texarkana country band Relentless will be at Fat Jack's Friday night.

Relentless is a group based out of Texarkana focusing on Top 40 country music, intertwining some Texas and Red Dirt country as well as some older rock classics.

The band is made up of Tifani Halter, Noe Cork, Duane Torres, and Esteban Torres.

Curious abut Fat Jack's? Check out this review from a couple from Minnesota.

"I'm in love. I want to rip this place out of Texarkana and move it to Minneapolis with me. Stopped in here on a whim and out of curiosity and my affinity for dive bars. Good lord am I glad I did. If I ever come back to Texarkana I'm coming back here. First of all the atmosphere is REAL dive bar. Not the fake dive bar thing that's been sweeping the nation. You can tell this place hasn't changed in ages. There's a hog and deer head on the wall for pete's sake. You can even still smoke in this joint. I didn't know restaurants still existed where you could do that. I guess this is a bar more so than a restaurant though. The place has one room (more like a covered patio with huge picnic tables) for the live bands and one that is the bar/restaurant.

"The food was not what I would consider dive. Home cookin but not dive. I shared the shrimp boil with my mom and I almost cried. Living in MN we don't get good seafood and this was fresh shell on shrimp. Happy place found. While the shrimp were cold (like cocktail) they were so juicy and plump. Loved em. Then I had the crawfish bread. Oddly enough I lived in NOLA and never had it there or at JazzFest (which I avoided like the plague). It was soooooo good that I'm kicking myself for that decision. Incredibly unhealthy, rich and filling. It was delish. I could have used less cheese on top of the bread but it was tasty anyways.

"Seriously I love this place. Being a suburban northerner this felt like walking into a movie set for me. I loved the atmosphere though. many people were regulars and knew people that were walking in. The tables were old and people wrote on them with sharpies. Some of the chair coverings were even torn up. Move this bar to MN PLEASE!!!!"