Last month, Taylor Swift guest-starred on the season finale of Fox's New Girl, and in the past, she's had other small roles on TV and in movies.  While she's been mentioned for some big films, Taylor's yet to take on a major starring role in anything.  She says she's not really pursuing that at the moment, because she loves her day job too much.

"I love music and I love touring and I love seeing you guys all the time," Taylor says of her life bringing her songs to her fans, both on record and live.  "So it’s really hard to take time away from doing that; I don’t like to. And so, if I were to take time away from that to shoot a movie, I would have to be so in love with the movie that it would be impossible to turn down."

And not just "in love" with whatever role she was offered, Taylor says that it would have to be an absolute obsession for her.

"I would love to do a movie that I was so obsessed with that I couldn’t think of anything other than shooting that movie," explains Taylor.  "And if you see [pictures of me on set] shooting a movie, you’ll know that I was so obsessed with the idea of it, and the script and the story, and felt that it was so important, that I couldn’t possibly not do it."

Right now, of course, Taylor is completely focused on her RED tour.  This weekend, she'll jet to London to perform at Wembley Stadium for a multi-artist British radio station concert.  She'll then head to Canada, where she's got two shows in Toronto on June 14 and 15.