wes on power

Wes Invented a New Word Today
Sometimes during the early morning hours we get a little tongue-tied and say things that make absolutely no sense but today, Wes somehow invented a new word when he stumbled through part of the morning horror-scopes: Incentiveness.
Unfortunately I could not find it in any dictionaries so we will have…
Wes’s Baby Addy Update
Here is an update on my little girl. Addy will be here on December 16th and I am very excited. My wife has been having a lot of heartburn. And the baby has had a lot of hiccups. I have heard that a baby that has hiccups and causes a lot of heart burn will have a head full of hair, is this just some …
Wes Asks ‘”Do You Know What This Is?”
So I stumbled across this picture I took in my nieghborhood a few weeks ago. I still have no idea what it is or how it got up in the power pole. Any ideas what the heck it is? If you look close it has a power cord hanging from it.