Brides-To-Be Must Attend Event — Bridal Fair Tomorrow
Cut through all of the stress of putting your wedding together by attending the Townsquare Media Bridal Fair tomorrow. A perfect setting to get information, compare prices and services, register for prizes, see the latest fashions, get great new ideas and just have fun! AND, someone is going to win …
Best Maid Of Honor Toast Ever [VIDEO]
Weddings are such a special and joyous occasion to be a part of. The trend as of late is for weddings to get a little bit crazier and this Maid of Honor takes the cake for the most outrageous toast ever.
Would You Be a Bridesmaid For a Bridezilla?
Being a bridesmaid isn't just fun and games and matching dresses. It's a big responsibility, and it usually comes with a substantial commitment of time and money.
A bride-to-be whose name hasn't been revealed recently emailed out a lengthy email to her potential bridesmaids, telling them exactly what…

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