Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your Thanksgiving Turkey
The Big Turkey Day is almost here. There is so much preparation and anticipation. Unfortunately, it can go wrong very quickly. Here are some tips on fixing some mistakes that you might make when roasting that turkey. I posted these last year, but it's worth a repeat this year too.
Do You Nap on Thanksgiving? [POLL]
When we think of Thanksgiving traditions, we all think of turkey, cranberries and pumpkin pie. But perhaps just as big a part of the tradition is the Thanksgiving Day nap.
8 Wacky Presidential Turkey Pardon Moments [VIDEOS, PHOTOS]
As holidays go, Thanksgiving sure has its share of odd traditions. Live parades with lip-synched musical numbers! Mincemeat pies and Jell-O molds! Grandma Ruthie removing her dentures at the dinner table! Not even the President of the United States is spared his share of the inanity