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Planning the Best Football Game Watching Party
Are you having a group over for the big game on Sunday? If so, you need to do some quick shopping and get the right stuff or be faced with a lot of sad faces as well as the rumor mill will fire up with your name associated with "lame."
The Best Super Bowl Beers
Super Bowl weekend is finally here! Whether you are having friends over for the big game or you are keeping it simple with family, the food and beverages are still important. It doesn't matter if your team made it to the bowl either, just bring on the beer!
Venture out of the box a bit and try someth…
5 Most Memorable Super Bowl Halftime Performances Ever [VIDEOS]
For its first couple decades of existence, the Super Bowl halftime show featured marching bands or “Up With People”-type musical medleys. Unfortunately, but the only folks who really got excited about those performances were the families of the performers.
Over the last 20 years, the Super Bowl halft…

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