School Awards – Did Your Child Get Any?
School is out for both sides of stateline in Texarkana. Most elementary schools had award ceremonies celebrating the achievements of the children. My stepson, Ethan, received a couple of awards. It was fun to watch him go on stage.
Did your child win any awards...
Bullying-My Personal Expierence
Bullying, is a word we hear often and some of us know all to well what it means. Some of us have no idea how something so small as getting picked on can be so harmful that it drives some kids to do very violent acts. I am probably a little odd since I have been on both sides of this bullying situati…
Wes’s Hooks Junior High Career Day
I had a chance to go to Hooks Junior High School this past Friday morning. It was much to my surprise that the teacher's class I would be in would be a friend from the past. Mrs. Hatton and I have known each other for over 30 years. I had a very captive audience, talking about different jobs in radi…
Boy Challenges School Dress Code By Wearing Skirt
Up until two years ago, the boys at the Impington Village College in England were allowed to wear shorts during the warmer months, while the girls were allowed to wear skirts.
That all changed when a new school policy banned the wearing of shorts at school - a surprising decision, considering that th…
Teacher Tapes Chatty Student’s Mouth Shut
A local Florida teacher took discipline to a whole new (read: bizarre) level last week when she reportedly taped her chatty student's mouth shut with packing tape.
13-year-old seventh grader Jazlyn Freel claims the incident took place during a routine science class.

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