Eminem & Rihanna Reunite on ‘The Monster’
Three years after 'Love the Way You Lie,' Eminem reunites with Rihanna on 'The Monster,' the brand new single from his upcoming album, 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2.' And just like their aforementioned collaboration, this one's poised to dominate charts, clubs and rad…
Rihanna Hangs With Elephants + More in Thailand [PHOTOS]
We're used to Rihanna being all sexy and tough in her Instagram photos and videos. She's often topless. And she's even gone makeup-free. But in her latest installment of Insta pictures, she offers a look at her exploits in Thailand and the images give us a rare glimpse at th…
Is Rihanna Back With Drake?
Drake was always the odd man out in the love triangle with Chris Brown and Rihanna. He may have the last laugh, though, as he is reportedly wanting to get back together with RiRi.
Did Rihanna & Katy Perry’s Strip Club Adventure Really Happen?
Picture it: Rihanna drops in on a Miami strip club with gal pal Katy Perry in tow, and the ladies make it rain on a few hardworking exotic dancers.  That scenario isn't hard to believe, especially when TMZ has video of Rihanna doling out dollars during one stripper's performance.  But alas, reports …

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