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LifeShare Blood Drives For July
Blood supply shortages often happen during the summer, when there are less donations but usage remains constant. Did you realize that every two seconds someone is in need of blood? You can help by donating during one of these blood drives. .
Black Friday Blood Drive in Texarkana
LifeShare Blood Center is having a blood drive on Black Friday, November 25, from 8AM to 4PM which includes raffles, giveaways, and an all you can eat breakfast that will be served in the center during the blood drive.
Donate Blood for Breast Cancer Patients in Texarkana
Did you know that one of the biggest uses of donated blood is for cancer patients? When a cancer patient goes for treatment, if their blood counts are too low they are not able to continue with treatment until their counts are brought up which means they need a transfusion of blood.
Win Tickets to the Independence Bowl
Do a good deed and you will have a chance to win tickets to the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, La.! Just donate blood between now and Saturday at LifeShare Blood Centers in Texarkana.

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