Christmas Tree

Who Keeps Their Christmas Tree up the Longest?
I had a friend who used to be so particular about putting her Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving and taking it down on New Year’s Day, except one year when she left it up until February. Of course, I can’t say much because I left my un-decorated tree in the …
The Decorations Went up, Then Down
This Christmas tree finally made it up! Christmas Eve was the final day to get it up and that is just what I did on a cold rainy afternoon.
I forgot how long it took to shape the tree. It had been crammed in a bag for at least two years. I had to put my headlamp on to do the job right. Everyone shoul…
Wes’s Christmas Tree is Ready
For those of you just tuning in, here is my Christmas tree, ahem my family's Christmas tree. It did not start looking this way it was a mess when I took it out of storage. It looked like this.
Wes’s Christmas Tree Needs Help
wesspicherHere is a picture of my Christmas tree. It is one of those pre- lit ones that we have had for three years. I have been working on this thing for two days and have not had any luck getting it  to light up.