Do You Own A Truly American Made Car?
Do you own an American made car? Maybe a foreign car? Whatever you own this new story from may have you rethinking what is truly American made.
The Flintstones Are Real, And They Live in Russia [VIDEO]
The Flintstones car was always something we joked about having. One of my friends in high school actually had a Volkswagen rabbit with holes in the floor so big you could probably use your feet to stop that tiny car. In this  video I found from Russia you can see these guys with their own versi…
General Motors To Bring Back The El Camino
The Chevrolet El Camino, with its svelte sports car-meets-muscle-truck visage, is easily one of America's favorite classic vehicles, and since it was discontinued in the '80s, fans have been trying to find ways to bring it back.
Alligator Vandalizes Florida Cop Car
Law enforcement officials are trained to deal with most scenarios. But an alligator attacking a police car? That's a different story.
According to reports, a rascally 10-foot alligator took a bite out of an Alachua County sheriff deputy's vehicle

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