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Worst Baby Names Given to Newborns Last Year
The latest list of crazy baby names is out. Last year, a lot of parents named their newborns some of the worst names yet. Do you really want that sweet baby boy to go through life with the name Swastik? And is it really a good idea to call your innocent daughter Lay? That's exactly what some pa…
Crazy Baby Names — Celebrities Gone Too Far
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their baby North so now her name is North West. That got us to thinking about all the other crazy baby names that celebrities have given their children so here is the list of the wilder ones for you:
Facebook-Obsessed Couple Names Their Baby ‘Like’
An Israeli couple recently named their newborn daughter "Like," as in, the button you press when you enjoy a post on the popular social media site Facebook.
This is how the girl's father, Lior Adler, explained the name to the German press agency dpa:
"If once people gav…