New Amazon Prime Instant Video Releases: August 2016
It’s that time again: Amazon has announced the newest streaming additions coming to Prime Instant Video in August, giving you yet another excuse to procrastinate as you endlessly browse Netflix, Amazon, HBO NOW, et al. for something to watch — before ultimately realizing it’s be…
New Amazon Prime Instant Video Releases: April 2016
If you’re paying for Amazon Prime, you should be taking advantage of all the great new titles added to the Instant Video library each month. April brings new seasons of Veep and the critically-acclaimed British series Catastrophe, along with plenty of movies to stream from new favorites to ol…
What Can You Do With Those Unwanted Gift Cards?
We have all had this dilemma. You get those gift cards at Christmas, that you don't want or need, what do you do? How would you like to sell your unwanted gift card for cash, or even trade it for an amazon gift card.

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