Will your office be having a holiday party this year? Our group usually has two parties in December although both parties are not fully funded by the company. Last year we only had one. I blame the economy. The parties cost a lot unless you do a potluck event.

I may get some heat from co-workers but check out all of the photos and video from our past Christmas parties!

We have a fun gift exchange where you can steal the present up to three times. Last year it seems the Monkey Butt gift pack was in high demand.

More and more companies are scaling back or not having a party at all. According to a new survey, the number of companies planning a holiday party this year has hit an all-time low. Only 74 percent of companies polled will have parties this year, down from 79 percent in 2010. The all-time high of 97 percent came in 1996 and 1997.

I love our company parties! It is an opportunity to let your hair down and enjoy your coworkers, enjoy some great food and play some crazy games. I have video of some of the funniest stuff and some photos I can't air. Good times!

Hilarious Gift Exchange Video