Trent is just one of many puppies that go through the animal shelter in Texarkana. He is full of personality! He was picked up as a stray dog in the Trinity area of Texarkana, Arkansas. He is approximately 10 weeks old.

Trent loves to play with toys and is very smart. He waited until we got outside to do his bathroom business.

It is hard to say what breed or breeds he is mixed with but we do know that he will be a fabulous dog if raised with love and training.

There are many other dogs and cats that need homes too. Please visit the shelter when you can at 203 Harrison, Texarkana, Arkansas.

Adoption fees at the animal shelter vary from $40 to $144, depending on the size, gender, animal and whether or not they were spayed or neutered when they came into the shelter.  Something else that you should consider is micro-chipping your pet. It is only $20 through the shelter and gives you peace of mind to know if your dog or cat get picked up by the shelter or taken to a vet, they will be returned to you quickly.