I usually do not get into big political discussions or make soapbox statements regarding the state of our nation but this particular story really hit me as totally inappropriate. Appearances do matter when you are the leader of the free world and jumping into a golf cart within 10 minutes of holding a press conference to tell the nation about the horrible murder of an American journalist at the hands of a terrorist group...well I'm just not sure how to process this information.

I did not know James Foley, the American journalist that was kidnapped approximately two years ago while performing his job in Syria. Before this week, I do not believe I had ever heard his name but my heart sank yesterday when I saw on the news that Mr. Foley was barbarically murdered by a member of a group called ISIS which stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. They posted the video on social media which angers me to a whole new level. Mr. Foley's life was taken in such a tragic way. It brings tears to my eyes and makes my blood boil all at the same time. I understand that everyone deals with tragedy in different ways but if the world is watching you as we do with our president, is the golf course the next best stop after delivering the news of the beheading death of one of our citizens?