In many ways, Pink is a wonderful role model for her daughter Willow, but there are some things about her that the singer hopes Willow doesn't grow up to emulate all her tattoos, for example.

Appearing on Australia's Sunday Night show, Pink said, "I got my tongue pierced and my first tattoo when I was 12, so I'm hoping for, like, 15? 16?"  The singer laughs, "I'm just gonna tell her that nowadays, it's cooler not to; you're actually cooler if you don't do the stuff that everybody else is doing.  And she's gonna listen and we're gonna be best friends forever!  And we're never going to argue, ever!”

Pink also talked about expanding her family during the interview, and says she doesn't just want more kids, she wants one specific kind of kid.

"I want a gay son, so I've gotta keep trying until I get that going," Pink laughed.  "I really want one."

Pink's record-breaking tour of Australia will wrap up in September.  She just received a plaque from the Sydney Entertainment Center for her string of sold-out shows at that venue. Thanking the venue via Twitter, Pink wrote, "MOST importantly thank you to all the amazing and super fun people that came out to all of our shows!!! We've had a blast- hope you have 2!"

Her tour continues Tuesday night in Melbourne, where she's broken the venue record, selling out 18 dates at the 15,000-capacity Rod Laver Arena.