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‘Supergirl’ Will Finally Meet Lex Luthor This Season
Lex Luthor’s name has often been mentioned in the first few seasons of Supergirl, but Superman’s arch-nemesis has never been seen on The CW’s hit super-series…until now. Kara will officially come face-to-face with her cousin’s most famous foe this season — a…
New Local Eatery Opens in Nash
I've been noticing lately there are a lot of little locally owned restaurants popping up around town...and that's a good thing! The latest one I've seen is called the Pully Bone in Nash, Texas.
Top 5 Most Haunted Highways in Arkansas – Travel If You Dare
Have you ever been traveling down some dark highway in the middle of nowhere and see something you just can't explain. Or maybe you've experienced the eerie feeling that something or someone might be traveling with you. It's happened to me on one or two occasions and the hair on the b…

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