If One Direction ever decides to give up music, they have a bright future in comedy, as their hilarious new video for "Best Song Ever" shows.

The plot of the clip has the group sitting in an office, getting increasingly fed up with the ideas pitched at them for selling and marketing their upcoming film, One Direction: This Is Us The funny part is that all five members not only play themselves, but also the people who are pitching them the bad ideas.  For example, Louis Tomlinson is Jonny, a balding, overweight studio executive who looks just like Tom Cruise's character Les Grossman in the movie Tropic Thunder Niall Horan is Harvey, an old, bearded, overweight studio executive with a strong New York accent.

Meanwhile, Zayn Malik, dressed in drag, is the executive's sexy assistant, Veronica, and he's pretty good-looking as a woman, believe it or not.  Harry Styles is Marcel, the nerdy marketing guy who tries to convince the guys to wear matching outfits and do choreographed dance numbers.  Liam Payne is Leeroy, the flamboyant choreographer who attempts to teach the guys some dance moves.

At the end of the clip, the 1D guys rebel, trashing the studio offices and singing "Best Song Ever."  The clip ends with them spray painting "This Is Us" across a photo of themselves dressed as they normally look.  Then, the credits roll, and you get to see who's playing which character, in case you couldn't tell.

"Best Song Ever" is out now.  The movie is in theaters August 30.