For their debut appearance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, One Directiondidn't just serve as musical guest -- they also appeared in a sketch.

The sketch was The Manuel Ortiz Show, a recurring bit featuring a host who tries to help troubled families. The joke is that throughout the skit, everyone -- the host, played byFred Armisen, and all the guests -- dances furiously to Latin music for a few seconds.

In the skit, SNL host Sofia Vergara played a woman who was abandoned at birth.  She learns that her birth mother is in jail for shoplifting, and also that the woman is having an affair via Skype with her own husband.  When Sofia cries, "What about the children?" the host says, "Yes, what about the children?  And here they are: Carlito, Pepito, Martito, Megrito and Dick!" Cut to One Direction, all wearing fake mustaches, dancing furiously to Latin music.  They looked ridiculous.

Of course, the group also performed on SNL. Their first number was "What Makes You Beautiful"; they followed it up with "One Thing."  The guys did well, except Harry seemed a bit distracted and nervous.  He appeared to be looking off to the side while singing, and after each song, he furiously rubbed his mop of a hairdo.