Lots of great music out today. Check out the music videos. The Wanted's preview gives a good look into their album.

Obviously be careful of playing the music videos too loud if you are at work or around children. Eminem has some big potty words right off the bat.

"The Marshall Mathers LP2", Eminem.  His eighth album includes guest appearances from Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Skylar Grey, and Fun singer Nate Ruess.

"Avril Lavigne", the self-titled fifth album from Avril Lavigne.  It includes "Let Me Go", which she did with her husband Chad Kroeger from Nickelback . . . and "Rock N Roll", which features "Wonder Years" minx Danica McKellar in the video.  CAREFUL: That video has uncensored profanity.

"Word Of Mouth", the third album by the British boy band The Wanted.  It includes "Walks Like Rihanna", "We Own the Night", and "Chasing the Sun".

Other new music out today:

"Matangi", M.I.A.  Her fourth album is sort of self-titled because it's very similar to her real first name Mathangi.  M.I.A. had to threaten to leak the album a few months ago in order to get her label to even set a release date.

"Proof Of Life", the second solo album from Scott Stapp of Creed

"Us Against Them", the debut album from a white rapper named Jake Miller.  Check out his videos for "A Million Lives" and "Collide" on YouTube or his website.

"Moon Landing", the fourth album from James Blunt

"Magic Hour", the first new album in 14 years from Luscious Jackson

"Loved Me Back To Life", Celine Dion . . . It includes a duet with Ne-Yo on "Incredible" and a duet with Stevie Wonder on his song "Overjoyed".

"Tres Cabrones", the 19th album by The Melvins