Movies that available on DVD this week are 'Planes', 'We're the Millers', 'The World's End', '2 Guns', 'The To-Do List', and 'Paranoia'. Below are the movie trailers for each of the DVD releases and my picks that will quickly be headed to my living room.

Mimi's Movie Must Haves This Week

"We're the Millers"

Jason Sudeikis plays a guy who smuggles drugs across the Mexican border after hiring a stripper, a runaway, and a virgin to pose as his wife and kids. Jennifer Aniston plays the stripper and Emma Roberts is the runaway. I wanted to see this movie when it was in the theater but just never made it. Now I can watch it over and over!

"Two Guns"

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg are undercover agents trying to take down a Mexican drug cartel, but neither knows the other is a cop. Paula Patton and James Marsden are their handlers, and Edward James Olmos is the villain. I have become a Mark Wahlberg fan and Denzel Washington is a fantastic actor.


Dane Cook is Dusty Crophopper, a single-propeller cropduster with a fear of heights who enters a race around the world. Stacy Keach plays his mentor, Teri Hatcher is Dusty's mechanic, and Brad Garrett is his fuel truck. Cute and funny, I'm in!


Liam Hemsworth is a pawn in a game of corporate espionage between two high-tech billionaires played by Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford. He goes to work for Ford as Oldman's spy without realizing they're both playing him. The trailer looks very interesting and with Harrison just can't go wrong.

Two other movies out today that I don't plan to purchase are:

"The World's End"

Simon Pegg and his four try to complete an epic pub crawl where they drink a pint at twelve different pubs in one night even after discovering that all the people in their hometown have been replaced by ROBOTS.

"The To-Do List"

Aubrey Plaza caves in to peer pressure, and makes a list of all the naughty things she needs to experience before college. There are a lot of stars in this movie but I still don't think I can sit through the whole thing. Alia Shawkat from "Arrested Development" plays her best friend, and Rachel Bilson plays Aubrey's sister.