Author John T. Wayne is in Texarkana this weekend for the Gathering of the Authors on Saturday, Oct. 29. I had the opportunity to interview him and share that video with you below. Wayne and I also spent a considerable amount of time discussing how he only recently discovered that he is the grandson of the "Duke" which will soon be a book as well.

John T. Wayne is a western book author. He has written for approximately 30 years but just recently started publishing his books for all to enjoy. His books are fictional but they are written about American history.

About six years ago Wayne learned that his grandfather is John Wayne the actor who passed away in 1979. When you look at Wayne the author, it is hard to believe that it took so many years to put the pieces together that he is related to Wayne the actor. The authors mannerisms are so much like Wayne the actor in the old western movies. When I met Wayne the author, I felt like I was shaking the hand of the actor Wayne.

It was a privilege for me to meet Wayne and have a chance to talk about his writing history and his family. I asked when did he begin writing and what was his inspiration, Wayne said, "I started writing after the loss of my 5 year old daughter to keep his mind occupied." The Gathering of the Authors event is not only about books, it is also a fund raiser for children with cancer so this is a cause near and dear to Wayne because he lost is daughter to cancer.

Many authors are in Texarkana this weekend for the Gathering of the Authors. If you are a lover of books or have aspired to be a writer, you can attend this event free of charge on Saturday from 10AM to 3PM. More information is available in my story link below.

Fall Gathering of Authors Charity Event and Book Signing Reveals a Secret Many Did Not Know