Live music kicks off tonight at Hopkins and Fat Jacks.

The big entertainment night looks to belong to the AC/DC tribute band Back in Black who will be performing at Shooter's on Saturday night.

Find out where all the fun is happening in Texarkana right here.

Here is the schedule of live entertainment for this weekend.


Thursday, February 23:

Colt Baker at Hopkins

Chalk Line 259 at Fat Jacks

Friday, February 24:

de Show Trajedy at Hopkins

Doctor Doctor at Fat Jacks

Saturday, February 25:

Back In Black AC/DC Tribute Band at Shooter's

The Stamfords at Hopkins

WTW at Fat Jacks

Harvest Rising at The Red Barn


Hopkins Icehouse is located in Downtown Texarkana at 301 East 3rd, Texarkana, Arkansas. 870-774-3333

Fat Jack's is located on Stateline, Texarkana, Arkansas. 870-774-5225.

Lead Bellies is located at 3200 North Stateline Avenue, Texarkana, Arkansas.

The Red Barn in Simms, Texas.

Shooter's Sports Bar in Texarkana, Arkansas.

If you would like to add your favorite night club's entertainment to this blog, please send me an email with all of the pertinent info.