Katy Perry says she was happy to become totally unglamorous in the name of comedy Tuesday night, with a guest appearance on Fox’s Raising Hope. Katy took a complete turnaround from her usual sequins, bright colors and plunging necklines to play Rikki, a prison attendant with huge orange hair, no makeup and a discernible mustache. When asked about the challenge of the role, Katy stated, "I feel like I've done the sexy thing, so I'm going the complete opposite: terrifying!"  She added, "I love getting into characters who are my opposite." Katy landed the part because of her friendship with star Shannon Woodward, and says, "Shannon and I decided to see if we could get paid for having fun like we do at home." In the episode, Perry's Rikki claimed to be an old friend of Woodward's character, Sabrina.  When Sabrina gets arrested after taking part in an Occupy Natesville protest, she finds herself sentenced to two weeks in prison where Rikki is determined to make her stay behind bars as uncomfortable as possible. It's Rikki's chance for revenge because the two were Little Beaver scouts as kids until Sabrina dumped her to become a cheerleader.  In one scene, Rikki is seen bringing Sabrina a tray of prison food and dumping it on the ground. Katy managed to pull off a good serving of madness and innuendo with perfect comic timing, which she has previously shown on her appearances on Saturday Night Live andHow I Met Your Mother. In addition to wearing an unflattering prison guard uniform, Perry screechs her character’s name while adding bugged-out eyes for maximum effect.  Her deranged cry of “Rikki!” may become a new Perry catchphrase.

Here's a Preview