Justin Bieber wasn't the musical guest or the host of Saturday Night Live this past weekend, but he appeared on the show anyway, as one of the guest stars in SNL's milestone 100th digital short.  Also making appearances in the short was Usher, who was the weekend's musical guest, and Justin Timberlake.

In the 100th digital short, Justin temporarily took the place of one of the three members of The Lonely Island, SNL cast member Andy Samberg's comedy team that creates the shorts.  They began to sing about how they were getting in shape for the big 100th celebration, and everything was going swell until Samberg and Lonely Island member Jorma Taccone announced that they were getting in shape in order to, shall we say, perform an act on themselves that would require a great deal of flexibility.

This didn't sit well with Justin, who appeared disgusted by the idea.  "I was tricked into doing this," he sang. "I don't endorse this show, no no no."  However, he was outnumbered by a parade of stars from past digital shorts, including Justin Timberlake, who as his legendary "D**k in a Box" character sang with Samberg about performing the act.

Natalie Portman also reprised her previous digital short appearance as a foul-mouthed rapper, Jon Hamm came back as a shirtless sax player, and Will Ferrell, the host of the weekend's show, got in on the action too, saying he endorsed the act.  Even Michael Bolton, the star of the hit "Captain Jack Sparrow" short, returned for the festivities.  Usher popped up as well, singing, "Hey, I never been in a digital short, but these white boys are obsessed with their unmentionables"

Even though Justin pretended to be repulsed by the idea of being in the short, he must've been thrilled to be doing a comedy piece with one of his idols, Will Ferrell.   Two years ago, when he appeared on SNL for the first time, he told ABC News Radio, "I'm upset that Will Ferrell's not doing [the show] anymore 'cause I'd love to do a skit with him."