Justin Bieber may have more followers on Twitter than anyone else, and he may have scored a string of #1 albums, sold millions of concert tickets and raised tons of money for charity but that doesn't mean everyone likes him.  In fact, in a recent poll asking folks their opinions of big-name music stars, he was one of the most disliked.

Earlier this month, a company called Public Policy Polling asked slightly fewer than 600 people to rank top artists in terms of whether or not they had "favorable" or "unfavorable" opinions of them.  54% of respondents said they had an unfavorable opinion of Justin.  In fact, only one other artist named in the poll had a bigger "unfavorable" rating: Chris Brown, with 57% having a negative opinion of the singer.

The dislike of Justin is notable because it cut across party lines: according to Public Policy Polling, the majority of Democrats, Republicans and independent voters all held negative views of the singer. Lady Gaga was also not popular with the respondents: she scored a 50% "unfavorable" rating.

On the other end of the spectrum, everyone loves Taylor Swift and Adele: Taylor got a 53% "favorable" rating, while Adele was tops with 54%.  Justin Timberlake received a 52% "favorable" rating, and Beyonce was close behind with a 51% "favorable" rating.  However, her hubby Jay-Z only managed a 44%.  Rihanna did even worse: only 30% of respondents scored her "favorable."

The poll also found that 40% of respondents feel that Justin Timberlake should spend most of his time making music, as opposed to acting, which 22% of respondents said he should do the most.  31% said he should focus on playing golf, while 7% said he should get back together with 'N SYNC.

Of note, only 17% of respondents said they had been to "the club," while 75% said they had not.  Eight