Jason Walton will perform live at Hopkins Icehouse tonight.Jason Walton was born in Amarillo Texas but was transplanted into northeast Texas after his parents divorced. Being raised by his mother, who battled with her own demons, Jason grew up fast. He would be awoke on Saturday mornings to the songs of Tammy Wynette,Dottie West and all those country queens that had been done wrong, by men that his mother loved to play. His mother had played Bass Guitar and his Grandfather played Steel in the honkey tonks. Jason would lie in bed at night after seeing his grandfather play and dream with a desire to be onstage. A seed had been sown by neon and steel that would continue to grow within him. Jason taught himself how to play guitar and began writing his own songs. He was dedicated to his music and for hours he would watch and learn all he could from others as they played. Even now Jason would tell you that he is not a strong picker. But he’s obviously doing something right, as he gets the crowd dancing and touches the hearts of those who need it while singing his songs. As a new Artist, Jason writes like only a few artists do, from his own experiences, accomplishments and heartbreak. When not on stage you’ll find him at the local honky tonks carrying what everyone believes is a Bible in his hand. The book is a notebook that he writes rhyme and thoughts in, of what he sees and what he experiences while havng a Shiner. Jason is driven and you can expect to see more from him as he chases that honky tonk dream, hoping his story will be heard, one song at a time

Check out the video of Jason's original song 'Country in Me'.