Most of us don't want to offend other people or get in unnecessary confrontations.  But sometimes when someone's talking in a movie theater or letting their baby scream on a bus, you NEED to say something.

A new survey figured out the appropriate amount of time you should wait to handle awkward situations.  Here are the results:

"Shhh" someone in a movie theater.  The average person says you should wait just under two minutes before you start making "shhh" sounds.

Ask someone on a cell phone to keep it down.  The average wait is just under two-and-a-half minutes.

Give a parent a dirty look for not dealing with a loud baby.  The average time is just after two minutes and 40 seconds.

Realize you've been stood up on a blind date.  Give the person 26 minutes before you bail.

Honk at a car in front of you at a green light.  This is the only one where I think the average is WAY, WAY OFF.  The survey found the average person claims to wait 50 SECONDS before honking.  In real life, the average person waits, like, two Seconds and possibly shouts " It Doesn't Get Any Greener Buddy!!"