Christmas parties. The games, white elephant gift exchange, wild game chili and good friends. The memories will soon fade into the new year but the photos will go on for eternity!

We had two office parties this year which was super nice. I missed the last Darby party in 2009 because I was sick. What a bummer. But we made up for it this year. Check out all of the fun that we had! There was a lot of gift stealing and even a little gift hiding.

Two weeks later it was time for the Zimmerman party. Deer chili, deer summer sausage and deer jerky. Yum! I even made some Jerk Duck for the event. We enjoyed the great food and good visiting. Of course there was a lot of laughs, jokes and picking on each other. My kind of fun!

That same weekend my husband had his company dinner party. At this point, I'm thinking I could eat like this all the time...who needs to cook!