The members of Far East Movement seem to spend most of the time in the club, but on Wednesday in New York City, they'll be spending some time in the cave -- the Major League Baseball "Fan Cave," that is.

The group will kick off the MLB Fan Cave Concert series with a free live show at 8 p.m.  The "Fan Cave," an immersive interactive experience for baseball fans, is located in New York City's Greenwich Village, and fans are encouraged to come down Wednesday night to check out the group's performance.

"We're excited because it'll be out first time in New York performing our new single 'Live My Life,'" says Far East Movement's Kev Nish. "It's gonna be an intimate setting."

Turns out that Far East Movement are actually big baseball fans -- and being from L.A., they're big Dodgers supporters.  "We're real excited about the new [team] sale," says group member Prohgress. "Magic Johnson's gonna be a great new added piece to the Dodger family."

Even so, the group has yet to perform the National Anthem at a Dodgers game -- mostly because they're not exactly known as vocalists.  "We can't sing a note to save our lives," laughs Kev Nish. "You know what?  If they had an Auto-Tune mic, then we might be able to."

The Fan Cave concert will also mark the official opening day of the MLB season; the Cardinals will take on the Miami Marlins in Florida on Wednesday.