As J.W. and I were talking this morning about the TV shows on tonight he mentions that CBS will replay 'The Elf On The Shelf'. J.W. had no idea what the elf was and I had to explain it to him. Its all about an elf that watches your kids to make sure they are being good and flies back to Santa every night to report in. You can't touch them or they will lose their magic.  The kids even get to name their elf. I have a 5 year old, and a 2 year old and yes the elf is on our shelf. Half of the fun is to find new ways of the elves getting into mischief, and the stories that you can tell you children. It is bes in that it is something you can use to keep the kids in line and tell them that their elf is making sure they are being good. I had no idea about this until a couple of years ago. Do you have an elf on your shelf?