well it looks like instead of replacing Charlie Sheens Character on Two And A Half Men with Ashton Kutcher like CBS had originally Planned, Rumor has it that CBS may kill off Charlie Sheen’s character instead, in the new season of ‘Two and a Half Men.’ In that spirit, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ interviewed children Wednesday night in a segment called “How Should They Kill Charlie Sheen?” which was kind of a Morbid Idea but Jimmy Kimmel Made it work.

Among the horrific ideas, children suggested hitting Sheen with Barbies until he’s dead, whipping him and feeding him to fire ants, blowing him up with a bazooka, poisoning his pudding cup and giving him cancer like a cat.

One child even made a suggestion that got bleeped out by censors. “Suffice to say, that kid just said something that, not only was it weird, it’s impossible,” said Jimmy Kimmel. Check out the video below.