Funny Videos

Help Me Find the Fly in the Power 95-9 Studio [VIDEO]
Can you help me find the fly that has been buzzing us today please? I chased it out of the Power studio earlier and lost it down the hall but now it is back! It is a fast flyer so I keep losing sight of it. I videoed my search in hopes that you could help me find the darn thing's hiding spot.
This Poor Dog Needs Some Lessons On How To Catch A Treat [VIDEO]
I have owned a few dogs over the years and this dog is the worst treat catcher ever.
In the video the poor dog tries its best to catch the treats but falls woefully short. The slow motion part of the video really had me laughing. Check out this funny video and tell us what you think...
And Now A Bunny Eating Raspberries For Your Thursday Enjoyment [VIDEO]
Thursday is here again and we all want the weekend to get here already.
The best way to battle the Thursday blues is to get your 'oh that's so cute' on with a video that has literally blown up on you tube. The bunny just eating these raspberries like the a re the last raspberries on earth has garnere…
Grandma Jams Out To Ice Ice Baby [VIDEO]
Check out this grandma jamming out to Vanilla Ice. I think the dog makes the video. You can see the dog is clearly puzzled as to why their owner is doing what she is doing.
Wiener Dog Attacks A Shark [VIDEO]
This is a little funny for the morning. In this video a little Dachshund dog is in the fight of his life with an inflatable shark. The best part of the video is when the dog is trying to drag the shark into his kennel. Check out the video and tell us what you think...

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