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What The Heck Is a Zorb Ball? We Find The Answer At Texas A&M [VIDEO]
I have heard of the Zorb balls in some of the big things going on in the are, but when I was scheduled to be a the Texas A&M homecoming on Sunday I got the chance to see them up close and personal.
In this first video you can see this little boy girl and their mom trying out one of the large …
Bank Uses Its ATM Machines To Thank Loyal Customers [VIDEO]
This bank is doing something to make their customers day. They are turning their ATM machines into thank you machines and the results are super. Check out the video and let us know if a bank here in Texarkana needs to do this for their customers...
Who Knew Holding a Sign Could Be So Entertaining?
We've all seen those guys standing on the corner holding big signs for even bigger blowout sales. You've probably not paid too much attention to them, while silently saying a prayer that you don't have to do something so mindless.
Total Strangers Slapping Each Other? [VIDEO]
What do you get when two total strangers slap each other? This seems a little far fetched to me but you need to see this video of folks that just met. These total strangers then take turns slapping each other. Watch it and be a little surprised by the reactions and how nice they are before the slapp…

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