People surrender animals for all sorts of reasons. I recently got a call about a dog and cat getting into a fight so the dog has to go. Other calls I have received range from barking, clawing, won't stay in the fence, there is no fence, he looks at me funny... There are many excuses but this one really takes the cake.

Lenny, the black and white domestic shorthair stray was returned to the adoption agency for "farting all the time." The poor kitty was rescued from a park and nursed back to health. He was adopted last month, but within two days, returned to the shelter because "he farts all the time," according to the intake papers filled out by his two-day owner.

Jessica Giehl, Scottsville's adoptions director, said they haven't noticed any problems since he's been back. Nevertheless, they did give him the name "Smelly Cat." Lenny became a minor celebrity thanks to a recent Facebook posting on Scottsville Veterinary Adoptions' home page where his picture was featured with the caption, "Hello! I was returned today because I fart too much. I am hoping I can find a person who can love me even with my stinky farts."

[Source: Ananova]