You've seen the previews everywhere and it is finally here! "Call of Duty: Ghostsis the tenth game in the "Call of Duty" franchise.

All the classic game modes are back, along with Kill Confirmed and "MW3's" Infected, and there are several interesting new twists to multiplayer. 

For the first time ever, you'll be able to create female characters which you can customize and play online.  Riley, the German shepherd guard dog from the campaign, is also available as one of the new killstreaks that you'll be able to earn in multiplayer.

Search & Rescue is a new S&D variant where instead of being stuck alone when your team dies you can revive fallen teammates if you can get to them fast enough.

Cranked is a fast-paced game where a countdown timer is reset each time you get a kill, and you'll have to get another kill before the clock runs out OR YOU EXPLODE.

Squads is a new set of game modes where all the characters you created for multiplayer fight alongside you against the A.I.-controlled squads of other players.

• And Extinction is a Zombies-type co-op game where four-players work together to survive wave after wave of alien creatures.  (Extinction Reveal and First Contact Trailer)

If you care about storyline, the U.S. is devastated by an orbital strike and in the aftermath of that attack, a coalition of South American countries called the Federation invades.  You're part of a unit sent to assassinate the leaders of the Federation.

It's rated (M) for Mature and available on Xbox360, PS3, and Wii U.  Eminem does the song in the launch trailer, and Megan Fox has a cameo in the live-action trailer. The voice cast includes "Avatar" villain Stephen Lang and also Brandon Routh.

The PS4 console hits stores on November 15th, and the Xbox One is out a week later on November 22nd.  You'll be able to upgrade your copy of "Ghosts" to those next-gen consoles for an additional 10 bucks.  Click here for the PS4 and XBO upgrade details.