Britney Spears fans are waiting patiently for her next album, which she wrote on Twitter is "coming sooner than you think."  But for those who want to know what the disc will sound like, it appears that all you have to do is listen to her previous seven albums.

On Britney's Facebook page, she's posted what she calls her "Album 8 Recipe," which includes various aspects of her other releases. "We need a bit of sweet ....Baby," reads the recipe, "not that innocent Oops!, self-confident Britney, damn hot [In theZone, club-smashing Blackout, personal Circus and powerful Femme Fatale."

"Mix in a vanilla-smelling studio. Pour some B-love into it," continues the recipe.  "Stir it carefully with a producer's spoon until combined.  Wait about a year.  Pour the mixture into CD cases and cover the top with bonuses stickers."

Britney also wrote on Twitter, "This album is for my diehard fans so it needs to be perfect!!"  She also tweeted to her fans, "I love each and every one of u and u guys are my inspiration 4 my new album."