We were talking in a meeting just yesterday about games that we used to play back in my school days that kids don’t play anymore, turns out there’s more than a few.

Remember DODGE BALL?

What a frightening contest of vicious child battering and abuse that was.  Seems like the nerdiest guy got hit and sent to the sidelines first every time. Come to think of it, it probably wasn’t that bad for the little guy. He didn’t want to play it in the first place, so all he had to do was go fetal position, take a few hits in the back and he got to go sit down and watch everyone else beat the crap out of each other for 20 minutes. Good times, good times.

How about TETHER BALL?

What a horrifying nightmare of possible decapitation that game was huh? Quick reflexes and the ability to understand ‘what goes around, comes around’ might keep you from getting a 60 mile per hour brick-hard soccer ball tied to a steel pole square in the face. Or God forbid, wrapped around your neck so tight your eyes popped out! Yeah, that was fun too.

Then there’s RED ROVER!

Or as I like to remember it, football light. Except there’s no ball. This was the game where one group of kids would form a line and lock their arms or hands together, then they would call out whoever they wanted to try and break through the line. Since I was one of the biggest kids in school, I rarely got called to ‘come on over’. I’m sure nobody ever got hurt doing that one.

What about that game…

OK, I officially have no idea what it was called. It was that stupid reflex game where one guy would stand facing his opponent with his hands flat together and out in front of him. The other dude would have his hands at his sides. The idea was to slap the dog stuffings out of the players hands before they could move them out of the way. All I remember is it hurt, a lot, and everybody walked around very red hands.

Those are just a few I can remember from my youth, have any you can add?