Side Show Tragedy will be live at Hopkins Icehouse Friday night.Sideshow Tragedy burns up stages with blues-damaged garage rock,ancient resonator guitars played through an array of effects boxes backed by a kick ass kit master and percussionist, topped with R&B drenched vocals and dark, poetic lyrics.

Here is a review of the bands recent performances.

“Lead singer, Nathan Singleton’s talent is undeniable, if you have ears, but his style is harsh as well as beautiful, like the Clash and Lead Belly at the same time. Nothing like it today, when even the rock bands are polished with a computer till all evidence of a human hand is erased. Give me my music with all the scars, sweat and sweet messups that mean more than all the perfect ones and zeros ever will.”–Guy Forsyth

 While you are there make sure to check out the great sandwiches and pizza from Hopkins Icehouse. Hopkins Icehouse is on the corner of Third and Wood downtown.