Last year, it was reported that Alicia Keys' "Girl on Fire" had sparked a lawsuit by songwriter Earl Shuman, who felt part of Alicia's hit copied the melody from his song "Lonely Boy."  Well, it appears that the two have now kissed and made up.

According to Sources, Alicia and Shuman announced in a court filing earlier this month that they had reached a settlement.  Unfortunately, no terms were revealed, so it's not known, for example, if Alicia paid money to Shuman, or agreed to add his name to the song credits or something else entirely.

At issue was the part in "Girl on Fire" where Alicia sings "No one knows that she's a lonely girl/and it's a lonely world."  The melody in that part of the song was similar to the melody of "Lonely Boy," which became a hit in 1970 for singer Eddie Holman under the name "Hey There Lonely Girl."