Glamberts, rejoice,  your man Adam Lambert is back on the American Idol stage Thursday night to perform a song from his brand-new album, Trespassing, in stores this week.

Unlike some American Idol alumni, Adam follows the show closely, and has been quite outspoken about the fact that he thinks Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet are the two standouts this season.  However, he stops short of trying to predict who he thinks will win the competition.

"I'm actually really thrilled at the last three who are there are there," Adam tells ABC News Radio.  "They all have something really special.  They all have something very different and that's great, and I think at this point, when you get down to the final three, it's not necessarily about who's the best singer, 'cause they're all really good.  It's gonna just be about what's the popular style and personality."

Adam adds that he thinks all three of the remaining contestants will probably get great recording deals and make really great albums, adding, "I plan on buying all three 'cause I think they're all great."

And speaking of great albums, Adam's very proud of  Trespassing, his sophomore album.  He took complete creative control of the project, co-writing nearly every song and overseeing every aspect of the package, including the artwork.

Noting that he feels Trespassing is a "make or break" album for him, Adam tells ABC News Radio, "I made sure that every song, whether it was one of the upbeat songs or one of the more introspective, was very, very, very honest.  And I think my fans...I think I owe them that.  I think they've been there for me and I want to give them the most authentic experience possible."

Trespassing is made up of half upbeat funk, pop and electronic dance songs and half introspective ballads, and Adam says that's because he wanted to show his artistic depth.  "Obviously, I think everybody has their ups and their downs and there's more dimensions to most people that just what you see when you first meet them or when you're out at a party with them," he explains.  "I wanted to give my fans a little more insight into what goes on inside."

Adam says the album's title track, which recalls Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust," sums up his feelings about competing in the pop music world.  "It's about feeling like an outsider and feeling like the atypical type that gets to go into this business, in this world," he explains.  "And instead of letting that be something that stops me or prevents me from doing it, I think the very fact that I'm different, it actually fuels me."

Adam adds, "It gives me a lot of ammo to go in and do my thing, and that's what Trespassing's all about." here is a video of Adam performing the title track on Jimmy Kimmel Live.